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When planning your North Lake Tahoe vacation, there are many options for accommodations. Vacation rentals offer space to relax and store your luggage and gear, as well as better pricing per person than hotel rooms. But once you've settled on a short-term rental, you're still faced with many decisions. Do you rent from an online travel agency (OTA) like Airbnb, VRBO, or Or do you go through a professional management company? 

There are several reasons to rent from a local professional management company, like Tahoe Vacation Rentals, instead of renting through an OTA. 


OTAs often add booking fees and other hidden charges to your reservation, sometimes as high as 10% of the cost – even for the exact same properties offered through professional managers. When you book direct, you can avoid those fees and markups and usually even score discounts on your stay just for using the property manager instead of an OTA, meaning you'll have more cash for fun Tahoe activities, like paddleboarding, biking, and skiing! 

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Professional Housekeeping and Maintenance

For hotel-quality cleanliness, book with a management company. We've all heard horror stories about unkempt vacation rentals. We use professional housekeepers to keep our properties in tip-top shape. Likewise, our team of skilled maintenance workers ensures everything is in working order: no dripping faucets or blown lightbulbs. And, if an issue does arise during your stay, we'll address it immediately. There's no dealing with online customer support; just call us, and we'll be there. 

Local Recommendations

Our reservation team is made up of Tahoe locals who are travel experts. When you book through an OTA, you're often working with people who are spread out across the country, some of whom have probably never even been to your destination. For better trip planning, transportation tips, restaurant recommendations, and even info on the best ski runs, use a local property management company. Additionally, by booking directly, you are supporting a local business and, by extension, the local community. Unlike OTAs, which are often large multinational corporations, your business with us contributes to the local economy and helps maintain the unique character of Tahoe.

Property Knowledge

Professionally managed properties give you the peace of mind to book with confidence. Privately managed homes, like some of the ones you’ll find on Airbnb, VBRO, and other OTAs, simply don’t have the resources or manpower of a professional team. These additional resources and staff allow us to stay on top of everything happening in our vacation rentals. We know about issues and fix them before guests ever even see them. We visit our properties daily, so you can rest assured when you check in, you’re coming home to a well-maintained, clean, fully functioning rental. If you need any additional information on a property before you book, for example, how far the lifts or the lake are, we can help. 

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Transparent Communication 

Booking directly eliminates any middleman communication issues. You'll receive accurate, up-to-date information about your rental, and any questions or concerns will be addressed swiftly and efficiently by our knowledgeable team. This direct line of communication ensures there are no surprises when you arrive.