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Experience Life Along Tahoe's West Shore

To drive along the West Shore is to experience the appeal of living at Lake Tahoe. As you travel through the string of small towns that line the West Shore, the laid-back vibe of lake life is inescapable. Starting in Tahoe City, you head south along the shore, passing an eclectic mix of waterfront mansions and rustic cabins. The road takes you right up along the lake, with uninterrupted views of the crystal blue waters of Hurricane Bay and McKinney Bay. You’ll know you’re in Homewood when you see the silhouette of Eagle Rock jutting out above the road. A short 15-minute hike up the volcanic outcropping yields panoramic views of Lake Tahoe. Stop at one of the many small markets along the way and grab a picnic lunch to enjoy at the top, or at any of the other picturesque locales along the West Shore.

As you continue to weave along the shore, you’ll pass through Sugar Pine Point State Park, where towering Sequoias shade the road. Then the scenery shifts, and granite boulders and sandy bluffs are the telltale signs you’ve reached Rubicon Bay. The journey finally culminates at Emerald Bay, one of Lake Tahoe’s most iconic vistas. Take the mile walk down to Vikingsholm, a peculiar mansion built in the 1920s. The estate is unique both for its design — it’s a relic of a long-gone age — and for its location amidst a silent forest of lofty trees. 

Vacation Rentals on the West Shore

Our West Shore Lake Tahoe vacation rentals allow you to experience the laid-back lifestyle of living at the lake. Explore West Shore properties with Tahoe Vacation Rentals by Granite Peak Management today!

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