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16 Jul 2020
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Trip Planning

Explore the galaxies in the night sky with a lakefront stargazing tour! Stargaze Tahoe takes you on a private, guided journey complete with stargazing, astronomy and ancient mythology! Hear the dramatic mythical stories behind the constellations while surrounded by Sierra mountains bathed in moonlight and a sea of stars above you.

Marvel at the Rings of Saturn or Moons of Jupiter through the lens of the powerful Celestron telescope. You may even be lucky enough to witness a meteor shower! Enjoy the spectacular display of stars, planets and constellations while laying on a blanket at Skylandia Beach in Tahoe City as your local Tahoe guide creates a laser map in the night sky.

Private stargazing tours provide a one-of-a-kind experience for the people in your household now that public stargazing tours are cancelled. Get cozy knowing lawn chairs, water and hot cocoa are provided. Bring a blanket and lay back gazing at the night sky as your curiosity and amazement take hold.

Virtual Stargazing Tours

If you can’t make it in person or if the weather doesn’t cooperate, virtual stargazing tours are also available. All you need is an internet connection, Zoom app, and a good view of the night sky. The virtual tour costs just $20 and includes a monthly stargazing guide bundle with a list of must-see astronomical events, a Star Map, and a Night sky scavenger hunt that can be done with your own binoculars or telescope. Before the next Virtual Stargazing tour on July 20th at 9pm, test out your stargazing and constellation hunting skills with free apps like Sky Guide, Sky View and Star Walk.

Astrology Readings

Stargaze Tahoe’s tour guide is also a practicing astrologer! Learn about your alignment with the planets and how to discover your unique gifts, challenges and patterns in life in a personalized astrology reading. Book a face-to-face or phone reading or sign up for a reading over Skype! Explore the universe within and outside of you with Stargazing Tahoe and book the experience that’s right for you.