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13 Aug 2020
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Trip Planning

Soar over Lake Tahoe in a powered hang glider for the thrill of a lifetime! With Hang Gliding Tahoe, you can learn to navigate controls while flying tandem with an instructor in the cockpit. Fly together with friends and family, each in your own aircraft, while discovering breathtaking views of majestic Lake Tahoe and the rugged high Sierras!

Powered Hang Glider

The powered hang glider is similar to a traditional hang glider, but it's powered by a super quiet Rotax aircraft engine and is also known as a Weight-Shift Control Trike. The trike features tandem seating with you in the rear and the instructor in the front, similar to riding a motorcycle in the sky!

Learn to Fly

The FFA-certified flight instructor gives a hands-on lesson teaching you how to fly with dual controls in both the front and rear seats! The two-way intercom system in the headsets allows easy communication between yourself and the instructor during the flight. Think of Maverick and Goose in Top Gun, except you’ll be in the cockpit! You’ll be fully geared up in your noise cancelling headset, helmet with visor and stylish flight suit before strapping on your seatbelt. There’s even a GPS and backup ballistic parachute system adding an extra level of safety in addition to the instructor’s 20 years of experience flying powered hang gliders.

Flight Packages

Choose between 4 different packages, ranging from 35-155 minute flights! Fly over Tahoe in 35 minutes or go around the Lake in a 95min flight. The ultimate adventurer will want the Cross Country package for a total flight time of 155 minutes. Prices range between $250-$510 and you can even fly with family, friends or your partner! Go up in the air at the same time, each in your own aircraft with your own instructor, making it an experience of a lifetime!

This safe, unique and thrilling adventure can even be captured on film! For an extra cost, camera and video service is available. A wing mounted camera captures professional high-quality digital photos burned to a DVD. Experience the flight again and again with hi-def video downloaded to an SD card. Post images and video to your social media for all your friends to see!

Flights depart from Carson City Airport and are available between sunrise and 10am. The earlier the better to take advantage of the best weather and wind conditions. After a heart pumping flight, grab a relaxing brunch or early lunch in Incline Village or Kings Beach. You may even need a drink once your legs touch the ground!