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18 Mar 2021
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Local Recommendations

Whether you're just starting to plan your Lake Tahoe getaway or you're already here enjoying your rental with us, we absolutely recommend getting outside and exploring all that the area has to offer. One of our personal favorite ways to do this? Kayaking. From the beautiful scenery, fresh air, and relaxing or challenging feel from your ride - you get to decide how to make the most of your kayak adventure! Kayaking is a great physical activity, way to unwind, and spend some time with your family, loved one, or yourself. Keep reading to discover our favorite places to kayak during your Lake Tahoe stay.

Where to Kayak in Lake Tahoe

Once you have packed your backpack with sunscreen, snacks, a light jacket, and some bug spray, you are set to explore and kayak your way through some of the most beautiful areas of Lake Tahoe, California. Let’s get started!

 Couple kayaking and smiling

Commons Beach

This is our top pick for a location the whole family can enjoy. Perfect for boaters, fishers, bbq’s, and so much more, Common Beach offers accessibility to all types of enjoyment on land, and water. Looking to challenge yourself on your kayak ride? Consider the beautiful 11 mile kayak from Commons Beach to Meeks Bay! Our cozy West Shore Escape property is also just minutes away from Meeks Bay. Learn more about all that Commons Beach has to offer.

Dollar Point

Northeast of Tahoe City, and just a hop, skip, and a jump from Burton Creek State Park, Dollar Point offers a variety of beautiful scenic views. Head north to pass Ridgewood, and if you want to kayak further, keep moving north to arrive at Carnelian Bay and stop for a cocktail or a meal!

McKinney Bay

North of previously mentioned Meeks Bay, McKinney Bay is another great place to kayak in Lake Tahoe. Travel north passed Tahoe Pines to reach Tahoe State Recreation Area. Not far from here is our beautiful Emerald Cabin, a perfect location for those who love the private cabin feel, but want to be nearby things to do in Tahoe as well. Depending on the time of day, the loop back to McKinney Bay at sunset is quite a sight to see.  

Tahoe Vacation Rentals

Lake Tahoe vacation is in store for some much more in addition to enjoying your vacation rental. Whether you kayak, paddleboard, picnic, or hike - the possibilities are endless. Explore our blog for more ideas on what to do during your Lake Tahoe vacation, and browse our rentals to find your perfect location for your stay.

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